Zee’s Journalist exposed Channel’s Biased Nature

Zee’s Journalist exposed Channel’s Biased Nature. A journalist working with Zee News has realized that Zee News is a biased news channel and he resigned from the channel and exposed the news channel publicly.

Vishwa Deepak, the journalist; said that the Zee News channel deliberately misinterpreted a video clip to declare some students of Jawaharlal Nehru University as anti-nationals and triggerd the controversy.

Zee's Journalist exposed Channel's Biased Nature

The journalist also wrote a letter to Zee News and asked many questions in the letter as well as in his Facebook post. In his letter, Deepak alleged that Zee News went out of their limits to show Kanhaiya Kumar and others as anti-nationals.

And after the investigation by Delhi police, it turned out that, Kanhaiya Kumar and others were just students of Jawaharlal Nehru University and they were not anti-nationals at all.

Watch the video to know in more detail about the news and well as to know about how the Zee News was exposed by their own journalist for being biased.

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