VIDEO:- Now Zee News Caught Sharing Fake News Against Harbhajan Singh

The people of India are learning day by day that Zee News is a fake and useless news channel. The star cricketer Harbhajan Singh said that Zee News should be called Zee Faltu News.

The Zee News channel carried a sports story involving Harbhajan and Virendra Sehwag which made Harbhajan Singh angry. The Zee News headline read “When an unwell Virender Sehwag smashed 12 sixes against Harbhajan Singh in a domestic match”. Harbhajan Singh took this report seriously and stood up to shame this fake news channel. He reacted to this news report by tweeting “Whatever! Your network’s name should be zeefaltunews“.

फर्जी न्यूज में पकड़ा गया Zee News, हरभजन बोले- इस न्यूज चैनल का नाम ही फालतू न्यूज चैनल होना चाहिए

The report quoted R Ashwin and Zee claims that he had told to a chat show about Sehwag smashing Harbhajan for 12 sixes. The news channel claims that Ashwin told the chat show “What the Duck” about the incident.

“One day I’ve realized that it was his ego that you need to bowl against. He told me an interesting story. He had a fever in a game at Rohtak and smashed Harbhajan for 12 sixes.” said Ashwin according to Zee News.

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