Recently ISI agents were arrested in Bhopal by the state ATS. The police refused to disclose the identities of the arrested ISI agents, the police said that this was a matter of national security.

One of them is identified as Dhruv Saxena and he has close ties with BJP party. Dhruv Saxena is the relative of the local BJP leader. Dhruv Saxena was inspired from Zee News anchor Rohit Sardana. Dhruv posted a picture of Rohit Sardana in his Facebook profile.

Dhruv was Inspired from Sardana of Zee News:-

मिलती जुलती खबर

Rohit Sardana is an Indian journalist, editor, columnist and anchor. Rohit worked as an assistant producer at Sahara Samay before joining Zee News. In 2004, he started working for Zee News. Now is an Executive editor, anchor, news presenter and host at Zee News. He also worked in ETV network, All India Radio and Sahara Samay.

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