Whistleblower Website Wikileaks Thrashes BJP For False Promises!

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Narendra Modi had been caught many times when faking news for attention. Narendra Modi involved in many fake propaganda of BJP before elections.

Mostly these fake propaganda are on National level or state level issues but Modi wanted to take this even further by using Julian Assange as a victim. BJP IT cell is known for fake Social Media propaganda. People who work for BJP IT cell create stories in Quora, Facebook and tweets about fake news in Twitter. Most of these stories are emotional which can make people to think Modi as a great leader.

BJP used a picture of Julian Assange saying “Modi is the only uncorruptable leader of India.” This was initially posted in 2011 and after three years, WikiLeaks responded in their website saying that Julian Assange never said anything as such. Julian Assange is the CEO of WIkiLeaks.

WikiLeaks also found out that convenor of BJP IT cell communications was responsible for the fake endorsement. WikiLeaks is a popular whistle blower website which recently released all the 35,000 emails of Hillary Clinton and released many dark secrets about the world we live in.

Watch How WikiLeaks Slams BJP:-

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