VIDEO Vlog: Watch How Ravish Kumar Became India’s BEST News Reporter

Ravish Kumar is an Indian TV anchor who works for NDTV news channel and covers topics on Indian politics and society. He is the senior executive director of NDTV India.

Ravish speaks about his life NDTV in a video. Ravish starts by asking “Ever been to NASA? Me neither but when I first stepped into this office all the equipment, Huge cameras, tripods, light kits, protection control room, OV van, e-mails and computers I’ve seen them for the first time in my life.”

He said that when the NDTV started, the whole India was changing and everyone is taking up new jobs. He also added “The NDTV staff comes from different parts of India, in this way I saw the whole India in my office.”

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“Ravish has the most unique voice and most authentic voice which is connected deeper to the ground” the Cheif Editor said. Ravish also explained what he did before getting into NDTV and fInding success.

I had done many works before getting into NDTV. First I started with desk job and then started reporting news after that I have done many types of works that I don’t even remember” says ravish.

This is the success story of Ravish Kumar. To know further about his life, watch this video.


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