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Watch How Miss Pooja Exposes Voting Machine Scam in Her own style!

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BJP party has started lying before the elections and everyone voted for BJP to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi made many promises to the people of India and didn’t keep any one of them. Modi lied to the people of India and tried to distract people using ‘Swacch Bharat’ and ‘Make In India’ programmes. Modi went to many countries and wasted Rs 1500 crore just for traveling. Not even 10% of the money spent on Modi’s traveling was invested in India by the foreign investors.

Modi also said that he will ban the slaughter of cows but India became the largest beef exporter in the world. Modi’s explanation of India being the largest beef exporter is that they were killing foreign breed cows instead of Indian cows. BJP also promised to build the Ram Mandir, which is involved in many controversies and the Supreme Court’s decision on this issue is still pending.

A woman named Pooja Prajapati expressed her views on Modi’s fake promises in a video and the video is now going viral on social media websites.


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