AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)

Watch: Arvind Kejriwal’s Latest Video Exposing Voting Machine Scam!

Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party shares his opinions on the EVMs or the Electronic Voting Machines that are being used in elections to cast votes. Recently, there have been cases of these EVMs being tampered.

Kejriwal’s replied, ” If the EVMs are being tampered, then it is not affecting the health of Kejriwal, it is affecting the health of the nation.” He also pointed out when BJP won in Haryana and Maharashtra AAP didn’t point out about the discrepancy. If a certain MLA of a certain area is contesting in elections, and if the EVMs are being tampered, he should be notified on what happened. Proper investigation must be done and it should be left like that as it a huge concern and plays a vital role in deciding the governments.

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