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VIDEO: Voting Machine Scam Explained by Abhishek Mishra

Latest Video:Voting Machine Scam Explained by Abhishek Mishra.

Recently, Abhishek Mishra who is an Indian social activist and a popular YouTuber uploaded a video in Hindi on YouTube. In the video, he explains explained how EVM’s were manipulated and how they can be manipulated in future. He also recommends the Election Commission to stop using EVMs and suggests the use of ballot papers in voting procedure.

In the beginning, Abhishek Mishra admires people of Panjab for throwing out BJP and congratulates Congress Party for winning elections in Panjab and for great performance in Goa City. He also talks about the situation happened in Manipur and Uttarakhand.
Later in the video he talks about Uttar Pradesh, the main portion of the video.

He says,
“Modi teri EVM kamal kar gai,
Vote pade 100, ye 1000 kar gai”

Talking about the main focus of the video, now he reveals the real truth behind the Voting Machine Scam. He gave example of Mr. Shrikant Shrirath who stood independently in the elections, voted for himselft still he god 0 votes in the result which is shocking.

For more details and to know the real truth and the hidden details behind the scam, Have a took at the video. You will be amazed by the truth reveled by him and his explanation.

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