Viral Video: When Rajnath Singh gets his shoe laces tied by Indian army officer


Rajnath Singh is involved in a controversy where he gets his shoes lace tied by a Jawan.

This goes back to 2014 after the elections. During his visit to Kutch border between India and Pakistan on Wednesday for inspection. Border Security Force escorted Rajnath Singh to various landmarks in Kutch region.

Here’s that video:- 

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When Rajnath Singh sat on a chair to rest, a BSF jawan came to tie Rajnath Singh’s shoe laces. Rajnath Singh didn’t stop the Jawan from doing that but instead directed him how to tie it. It is also said that Rajnath Singh has a security guard who ties his lace. This sure tells how Rajnath Singh misuses his power and make the people who protect him to do such works.

One of the cameramen from a television channel was quick to capture the incident. This video was broadcasted in several news channels and went viral in Internet in 2014 and it is going viral again. People reacted strongly against the Incident, the lack of respect and his vain made people to hate him.

He also slapped his Commando for no reason. Rajnath Singh has no respect towards the Army personnel

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