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VIDEO: Election Commision Officer Gives Threat to Send In Jail After Caught in EVM Scam

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The recent elections that took place in Uttar Pradesh has made it clear that Modi and his party members have cheated to win the elections. They tampered the EVMs to win the elections. They programmed the EVMs for BJP to get the majority.

Recently In Madhya Pradesh, an Electronic Voting Machine that was reported to have voted for a particular party during a demonstration in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday reignited the opposition’s charge on tampering the EVMs.

The EIC of India now got a detailed report from Bhind’s District Election Officer about the tampering of EVMs ahead of the upcoming by-elections. It has also sent a high-level team to the state to investigate.

Chief Electoral Officer Shalina Singh later showed how VVPAT (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail) would let voters know if the machine voted for the different candidate than the one selected by the candidate.

BSP chief Mayawati was the first person to question the legibility of EVMs after BJP’s massive win in the assembly elections.


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