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VIDEO: This Clip Proves That Most BJP Leaders were very close to Rape accused Asaram

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Asaram Bapu is a self claimed godman who was accused of rape has many BJP leaders as his devotees. He was accused of rape in 2013 and is serving in jail for his crimes.

A 16-year old girl has accused him of rape and has filed charges against him. In July 2015, a second witness was shot dead just 7km away from the girl’s home.

Many BJP leaders such as Narendra Modi himself are devotees to Asaram Baapu. When the BJP leaders visit Asaram to hear his prayers, they praise him for his “holy” teachings and for his stories.

Recently a video compilation of all the leaders who visited Asaram Baapu is going viral in the social media. The leaders who claimed this rape accused man as a holy man are now ruling our country.

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