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Video – Arnab Goswami says Shouting will Not change anything! LOL

Arnab Goswami, a Pro BJP and Biased journalist who keeps shouting on guests and uses abusive languages always on its show with his guests. But this time, we caught Arnab on a video in which he made his own fun by saying that “Shouting will not change anything! This video will change your perception towards this BJP paid journalist.


देखिये वीडियो:-

Arnab always shouts on guests, politicians, journalists like Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar but he becomes soft on bhartiye Janata party.  Few days prime minister modi also gave an interview to Arnab and in that interview also Arnab was very soft to modi but when he took interview of Arvind Kejriwal, he abused him, This shows his biased nature towards Ruling party BJP.

Arnab’s Father is also a BJP leader, so he’ll surely support terrorist lover party BJP. Anyway, how was this video  in which Arnab is exposing himself, do tell us in comments!

Viral in India-EDIT

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