BJP MLA’s Caught Watching Porn Inside Gujrat Assembly

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Two BJP ministers were caught watching inappropriate videos when there was a meeting going on in the Assembly. Co-operation minister Lakshman Savadi and Women and Child Development Minister C C Patil were both watching videos.

When the discussion of hoisting Pakistani flag in Sindagi town and other issues, these two ministers found a window of opportunity to check out some inappropriate videos. Private television camera crew were covering the proceedings from visitor’s gallery of the Assembly caught these two ministers, Patil was sitting beside Savadi and was leaning over to catch a glimpse of the video.

The incident dented the dignity of the Assembly, this happened when BJP was at receiving end throughout the day in the legislature over a “fun” music festival allowed in St Mary’s near Udipi in which hundreds of foreigners had participated.

Opposition had slammed BJP by arguing that BJP allowed the foreigners to consume unlimited liquor,drugs and indulge in bad practices in the name of tourism. The Cheif Minister D V Sadananda Gowda was quick to deny the fact.

The Central leaders of BJP were embarrassed at the incident and reacted cautiously by saying “action” will be taken after getting the report. Both the Ministers denied the allegations and supported themselves with childish reasons. See how these idiots were enjoying.

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