Swaroopa Nand Ji Slaps Reporter When He Asked Question on Modi

After the PMO took various dreadful decisions against the common interest of people and their needs, now even religious saints are getting outraged, even by the very name of Prime minister.

This video shows how reporter intends to ask a saint about his opinions on PMO (although it can’t be clearly heard), and the saints goes on to slap the report.Arguments may be presented that the saints since beginning acted as if he wasn’t interested in the talk and somewhat disturbed. But the slap flew by only upon the name of PM was exclaimed by the reporter.

This could be an indicator of how people have developed such level of hatred to Narendra Modi (Saying the name as I don’t think you can slap me from the screen) that even the very name now outrages them. Saints are supposed to be rather calm and composed, by somehow it wasn’t the case when PMO’s name was taken.

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