Zee news editor Sudhir Chaudhary was arrested and sent to Tihar Jail in 2012, these orders by given by the supreme court. Chaudhary runs a show on Zee news (Unofficial BJP TV). He and his friend Samir Ahluwalia were asking 100 crore rs from Naveen zindal and threating him that pay us 100 crore of we’ll run anti-news against you.


देखिये वीडियो:-

Naveen sent his people to meet Sudhir and they recorded video of Sudhir and samir’s video in which they were first asking 20 crore then increased this price to 100 crore.

This shameless journalist runs clean media campaign and he himself bribes money.

This blackspot on journalism guy recently got Govt security only because he makes positive news for BJP and Modi.

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