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A Senior Reporter Exposed BJP on The Issue of Aurangzeb!

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A senior reporter spoke the truth about BJP party and its religious counterpart RSS.

He said that the BJP and RSS has done nothing to the benefit of people and instead they oppose Muslims. Most of the times you find BJP party members oppose Muslims. He said “Neither BJP nor RSS has played any role during the British rule. Name one member of RSS who was against the British rule and fought against them.

“BJP’s old tactic is ‘divide and rule’ and they are implementing it well” he added. He also said “A debate has to take place on this issue and I don’t support anyone in this matter, I merely share my opinion on this issue.” He also pointed out many other issues which are crucial to the betterment of today’s society.

BJP party is always against Muslims and the party also attacked Muslims in the past. Gujarat 2002 riots are the prime example which shows the BJP’s hate for Muslims.

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