See How Public Thrashed Manohar Parrikar Like a Boss!

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Manohar Parrikar behaved in a very rude and in an unpleasant manner in Goa when people are protesting against him. Manohar Parrikar was the Defense Minister of India.

People are protesting against Manohar by shouting slogans such as “Parrikar Government Murdabaad”. Parrikar came out of his office and started asking “Who was shouting those slogans?”. He then got into an verbal argument with one of the angry protestor and later on all the protestors got angry, Parrikar had to escape the commotion with the help of his security. Some of the protestors tried to attack him.

Parrikar is known for his rude behavior in public. He recently advised critics who spoke badly of him to take off their clothes and dance naked to get attention from people. He is the Goa’s former Chief Minister. People were angry and they were protesting because of lack of money in the ATM. The demonetization is causing a lot of problems for common people. It is making people angry because they couldn’t even find money for basic things that are required for living.


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