See How Our Paid Indian Media Works, A Video by Abhishek Mishra

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Indian news channels are no longer a reliable source for correct information. All the news channel are biased towards a specific political party.

Here’s Abhishek exposing all media channels:- 

It is sad that many Indians still rely on those news channels to get information about the happenings in the country and the news channels are busy in hosting debate programmes and showing biased news. All the news shown in popular news channels such as Aaj Tak, Zee News, NDTV, Times Now, India TV, News 24, ABP News show biased news and people watch them. All these channels just want to increase their TRP.

To explain this, SRK gave an interview in Aaj Tak news about how things are going on in Social media. He said that he was receiving curse words in his social media but a famous daily paper “Daily Bhaskar” reported it as SRK used those words in the live TV. This is just one incident where we can see the media just want rating.

Another instance is an Aaj Tak reporter is offering money to a kid for alcohol if he gives him an interview. The reporter is trying to bribe the kid to give him a scripted interview. This is the state of Indian media.


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