Abhay Dubey Exposed Real Face of Rohit Sardaana & Biased Zee News

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The popular news channel ZEE News talked about the donation of 2611/- asked by AAP Party as a fund. ZEE News has made this a debate on this event with several other political leaders belonging to BJP and Congress.

While ZEE News has no right to speak about this donation, it’s totally the interest of people who donate but the News channel made it into a huge issue. The ZEE News channel seems to be particularly targeting AAP Party to defame them. The political leaders in the debate have spoken in such a way that it proves that they are corrupt.

Abhay Dubey was in that debate. When he was given the chance to speak, he spoke about how the News channel Intros the news to hype it for the channel’s TRP rating. He shows his disrespect to the “paid” media in that debate. When the news of Kejriwal asking for the donation of 2611/- for the party funds, it is not an issue to be debated in News channel.

Abhay Dubey gave a tight slap to the News channel and to the paid/biased journalist. There are claims that the owner of Zee news is a supporter of BJP.

We should not encourage such channel. Let me know what do you feel in the comments down below.

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