VIDEO:- Sambit Patra faced Anger of Zee News Anchor

ज़ी न्यूज़ पत्रकार ने इस बार संबित पत्रा को बुरी तरह लताड़ लगाई, पत्रा मध्य प्रदेश में मरे किसानो को दुःख जताने की जगह अवार्ड्स गिनवा रहा था | वीडियो खबर के आखिर में उपलब्ध है |

Sambit Patra faced Anger of Zee News Anchor. In Madhya Pradesh, the farmers’ agitation has increased after the death of five farmers in the firing of the police. On the worsening situation of farmers in the state, there was a debate during a program on Hindi news channel Zee News.

During the show, the moment came when the BJP spokesperson fanned out on the issue of 5 farmers’ death. Anchor Rohit Sardana composed several questions after one by which Patra had to be silent for some time.

Actually, during the debate, Sambit Patra said that Madhya Pradesh government has got award for agriculture for five times. On this, Rohit Sardana said, “There is the blood of five farmers on these awards.

Watch the video embed down below to know more about the news story as well as to know what more how the Zee News Anchor Rohit Sardana shut mouth of Sambit Patra.

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