Video: Sambit Patra Runs Away From Aaj Tak Live Show After Massive Protest

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Congress and AAP parties often taunted the BJP party leaders to stand in queues ordinary people and draw their hard earned money.

The opposition parties did this because they wanted BJP leaders to know the problems faced by common people because of demonetization. Recently Aaj Tak channel hosted a programme outside on the effects of demonetization and the assembly polls are coming up in Uttar Pradesh. BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra was quick enough to start explaining the positive effects of demonetization but the angry mob caused disruptions to his speech.

Sambit Patra sensed the anger of crowd and asked the crowd to let him speak. He also reminded people that Varanasi is religious place and its the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency. The crowd continued to disrupt the speech irrespective of the pleas made by Sambit Patra.

Anjana Om Kashyap, the programme host made attempts to simmer down the crowd but failed. Tuesday’s incident made it into news after many incidents of violence were reported from different parts of the country.

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