Ravish Kumar Exposes Presstitute Arnab Goswami !

Ravish Kumar slammed lawyers on their behaviour. Ravish Kumar is an Indian TV anchor,[2] writer and journalist who covers topics pertaining to Indian politics and society.


देखिये वीडियो:-

He says that journalists should have the courage to talk about sensitive matters and convey the truth to the public. When questioned on the topic “News anchors are naming the people who are against their views as Anti-Indian by using Freedom of Speech” he said “Stop watching those news channels if they are involving in such practices.”

“When did such news anchors become the biggest Patriots of our Country? They just select a useless topic and speak about it hours long but they forget about what people are really concerned to know about.” he added. He indirectly mocks the behavior of Arnab Goswami in his debate programme.

“There are no opinions in such programmes, no real debate and in the end people will realize the truth” he said. He says that we should not watch such programmes and support such anchors because we will be wasting our time from which he earns his money.

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