Ravish Kumar’s video on fraud journalists

Ravish Kumar’s video on fraud journalists. Ravish Kumar’s report on sellable journalist. Why did every journalist become silent There was a time when journalists really had any significance. Big leaders, businessmen, and every big man were afraid of journalists.

But now time has passed. The politicians who make crappy decisions have not only bought journalists but have also bought entire news channels and newspapers.

Ravish Kumar's video on fraud journalists

Recently, a special report of NDTV was released by journalist Ravish Kumar, in which he showed the sadness of journalists of today’s time.

If a true journalist asks the right questions to the leaders, then the leaders might come in anger, the politicians either give him or her a rivalry or give CBI raid or take revenge in some other way.

Watch the video embed down below to know more about the news story as well as to know what more Ravish Kumar has to say on journalists.

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