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Ravish Kumar Exposes Modi on his Lies About Politicians with Criminal Background

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Narendra Modi said that a new government is required for the country. He also said that he doesn’t care if he wins or not. Modi wants a new party to form the government for a change.

He says “All the current leaders who are in parliament but are not working properly are criminals. All the criminals will be removed”. Modi also said that he will tell Supreme Court to file a case against them immediately and put the real criminals to jail.

He says “Once criminals go to jail, new parties will have a chance to prove their worth and no criminal will dare to enter the politics.” Narendra Modi said this before the 2014 elections.

Now Narendra Modi himself is the Prime Minister of India and he is not any progress for the development he promised. Modi instead of developing India he is trying to push back the development by introducing the demonetization scheme.

Although Narendra Modi says the demonetization scheme is for eradicating black money, the people are facing a lot of problems because of this.


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