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VIDEO: Ravish Kumar Open Challenge to Abusive Modi Bhakts !

In this video Ravish Kumar of NDTV talked about abusive bhakts on social media, this video was recorded when SIMI terrorists were killed.

Madhya Pradesh police and Anti-Terrorist Squad chased and killed all the eight just after eight hours of the escape. The eight killed a head constable and climbed the walls which have ‘high-security’ just by using bed sheets. They were found 10Km away from the prison, they were cornered and killed. This operation was led by IPS Officer Sanjeev Shami.

Police told that all of these terrorists were placed in different sectors of the jail, so that they cannot communicate. It highly impossible for the terrorists to plan the escape if they were placed in different sectors of jail and the terrorists have to break the doors of the cell and the barracks to escape. The terrorists also managed to climb high wall (16 to 20 feet high) which is also heavily guarded. This has never happened in the history of jailbreaks.

The walls also had electric fencing at the top but the police and government want us to believe that the terrorists escaped this with just bed sheets.

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