Ravish Kumar Slams BJP Minister Kiran Rijuju For His “Joota Wala” Comment

BJP minster Kiren Rijuju said that he will beat the reporters with shoes when the reporters were asking him many questions. Ravish Kumar argues that the behavior of the minister is rude and it is shame on the part of the minister to speak rude to the reporters.

He also said that the language is used by savages in North-East India and the minister used such language infront of the camera. Kiren Rijiju is a Union Minister of State Home Affairs of India.

Kiren Rijiju is considered as the face of BJP in the Nort-East India and is arguably the most iconic political leader from Arunachal Pradesh.

He occasionally writes articles on security ans socio-economic issues. He was chosen as Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India on 26th May 2014.

Rijiju is in a very high position yet he speaks such words in the public. Rijiju was furious about the promotion of bad news about him and he used the vulgar language before the camera as a result.

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