Rajnath Singh Beats Black Cat Army Commando Who Was Saving His Life!

Rajnath Singh, Cheif of BJP political party slapped one of his “Blackcat Commando” which shows his level of intolerance. He showered his anger on the commando because the meeting which he attended had failed. The crowd was uncontrollable and they were not listening to Rajnath Singh as he was speaking.

Rajnath Singh also threatened the public that he would slap them if they don’t listen to his speech. After getting off the stage, Rajnath Singh was being escorted to his car then suddenly he showered his anger on the Blackcat commando who was supposed to be standing there.

He slapped the same commando who was working hard to protect him, the same commando who is working day and night for his protection. This shows us the intolerance level of BJP minister.

Rajnath Singh was delivering a speech at Ghaziabad, Greater Noida. Currently, Rajnath Singh is the Home Minister of India. A man with such respectable position and power should not be acting furiously. Power isn’t everything. Even if he is Home Minister of India, he has no right to slap a Blackcat Commando for no reason. He should control his anger and behave as a Home Minister of India.

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