VIDEO: Hindu God Radhe Maa caught dancing in London casino

by Geetanjali Singh |
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Radhe Maa caught dancing in London casino. Radhe Maa, who used to call herself a god, is very much in news recently. Radhe Maa has become quite infamous with the photo of whoever accompanied the devotees.

But now a video of her dance in London’s casino is becoming quite viral. Radhe Maa is also known as Sukhwinder Kaur.

The video of the dance is not about a satsang or hymn program but a casino based in London. The video has become viral on social media. And after that, she is getting a lot of criticism on social media.

In the past, she has been stuck in cases of dowry harassment and cheating, and she has also been charged for running a $ex racket.

Watch the video embed down below to know more about the news story as well as to know how Radhe Maa caught dancing in London casino.

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