WATCH:- Narendra Modi’s Video 15 Days Before Gujarat 2002 Riots

PM Modi spoke hate language against Muslims.This interview of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is going viral on YouTube as as well as on other social media platforms. This video was uploaded before the 2002 riots of Godhra, Gujarat.

In this interview video, Narendra Modi clearly shows his state of mind and what he ugly thinking he has in mind for Muslims. Keep reading the article to know more.

PM Modi spoke hate language against Muslims

In his interview video, he refers to Muslim as “miyans” in a very aggressive voice and talks about Muslims in a very denigrating manner.

In the video, he said that Muslims has their own road-map. He also added that, Muslims divided the world based on three things. He also wrongly alleged Muslims about converting world into Muslims.

Watch the video embed down below to know more about the news story as well as to know what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said against Muslims.

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