VIDEO: Baba Om Swami beaten by people in an interview

Baba Om Swami beaten by people in an interview. Om Swami who was a participant of popular reality show Bigg Boss 10, is again coming in news nowadays and creating his negative impression in public.

Bigg Boss 10 is over but still ‘Baba’ Om Swami has managed to stay in eyes of media by creating news stories. Recently, he was caught dancing with a bikini girl.

Baba Om Swami beaten by people in an interview

Recently, Om Swami was giving an interview to a news channel; and he was beaten by people present there in between the interview.

Om Swami was present for interview with Swami Martand Puri and few other people. Interview was going well but then controversy started in the interview on the topic of respect of women.

Baba and another guest got angry, they started speaking bad words. Due to some statements given by a guest; people came and started beating him. Bada started hitting people to save him; but people started beating Om Swami as well.

Watch the video below to know more about why people beaten him in an in-going interview.

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