Prasoon of Aaj Tak exposed Narendra Modi in a very Epic Way!

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Prime minister narendra modi keeps saying that under his govt india is growing but reality is totally different. Many times, it looks like he is making us fool, because there are no ground changes, only false promisses.

A year after Indian voters handed Narendra Modi a once-in-a-generation mandate for change and economic revival, realities are sinking in. The ‘Achhe din’ promises is yet to be delivered to the farmers. Another problem for Mr. Modi is that many of Indian states do not have access to drinking water and electricity. Take a look.

Very popular anchor of TV channel aaj tak prasoon bajpaye exposes modi govt and there truth how they are fooling the indians. Prasoons runs a show named “Dastak” and his way of putting things is very very appreciable. The video was uploaded by official aaj tak channel account and currently it has 639 views.


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