Modi Will Fall in Big Trouble If These Foreign Expense Goes Public

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Abhishek Mishra has filed an RTI on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s travel expenses and the facts are disturbing.

These RTI files are the proof that Modi spends government’s money recklessly. The files say that Modi visited 37 countries in total. The flight charges for visiting just 9 countries is Rs 77 crore and Rs 47 crore for visiting the rest. Modi spent more than Rs 2 crores on his 2-day trip to Mongolia. Modi spent Rs 76,154 on just dinner in Mongolia.

Modi spent nearly Rs 12.5 crore rupees for his 4 day trip to Australia. Hotel bills in Australia goes up to Rs 5.65 crores hired cars for Rs 2.48 crores and Modi spent 1 crore in 6 hours he spent in Sydney. In his trip to china he spent more than Rs 2.3 crores in his 3 day trip. He spent Rs 1.06 crore on hotel bill, 60.88 lakh for hiring cars and Rs 24.26 lakh for a translator. Modi stepped up his expenses in his trip to Canada. He spent more than Rs 7 crore just for 3 days in Canada.

He spent more than 7 crore for his trip to New York for 4 days. More than Rs 5 crores were spent on Modi’s trip to Nepal for 5 days. Modi lowered down his expenses for his visit to Germany in which he stayed for 3 days.


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