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“Modi Ji is Better Comedian than Kapil” says YouTuber Abhishek Mishra

Kapil Sharma is in controversies these days because he exposed the corrutions of Modi goverment’s BMC. Kapil wants to built his new office in Mumbai but BMC didn’t allowed it because BMC was asking 5 lakh rupees bribe from kapil, but comedian denied to give, after this, kapil tweeted this story on his official twitter account BJP people became angry on this.


देखिये वीडियो:-

YouTuber Abhishek Mishra became angry on How BJP Bhakts are reacting on Kapil when he exposed corrution in Modi govt, mishra also asked some serious questions to BMC that why BMC took action when kapil tweeted, and why they were asking money. If the office of kapil was illegal they should have break down the office by giving a legal letter, BUT the main question was why BMC asked bribe?

Abhishek also took on Amit shah, and he also called modi a “Comedian”. Do watch the above video of Mishra ji, and comment down your views below in reply sections. Cheers!

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