‘Modi Ek Vinaash Purush Hai, Vikash Purush Nahi’ Says BJP Leader Uma Bharti

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Uma Bharti is an Indian politician and cabinet minister for water resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation in the Union Government of India. He is from the bhartiye Janata party but today you’ll see him exposing reality of prime minister narendra modi.

Modi says a lot about Gujarat model but his party members and ministers are telling reality to the world that modi is just fooling Indian’s by using media and newspapers. Modi also spent lots of money to send paid bhakts on internet so that they can hide reality, but lies can’t be hidden for a longer time.

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In the above video uma tells to media that narendra modi is fooling people and telling fake facts to public. There is nothing like Gujarat model, all is to fool public.

Uma is cabinet minister and if he is telling this all, then for sure we have to believe her.

Thank you uma bharti jii for opening reality of such people!

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