What Modi is Doing with Asaram Bapu, Have a Look

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Narendra Modi and Asaram Bapu have close ties with each other. Modi takes blessings from Asaram Bapu by touching his feet.

Modi says that Asaram Bapu has shown him the way of life. “When everything in life started falling apart I had his blessings” Modi said. Their level of friendship can be seen on the camera. Asaram Bapu also said that he wanted to see Narendra Modi as a PM and he said that Modi will have his blessings for that.


After Narendra Modi won the elections and became PM of India, Bapu said that he was happy watching Modi as the PM. Asaram Bapu was accused of rape several years ago and he was jailed.

Narendra Modi even gave a speech in one of Asaram Bapu’s meetings. Modi talked about spirituality and the greatness of Asaram Bapu. Asaram Bapu is escaping the judgement of the rape case with the co operation of Modi. The judgement of the rape case is still pending in spite of the pressure from the public.

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