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Honest officer arrested for exposing EVM machine’s vulnerability

Viral News: Honest officer arrested for exposing EVM machine’s vulnerability.

In the video, Mr. Hari Prasad and a reporter from a news channel are showing that how one can exploit the vulnerability and one can also misuse this to gain count of votes unethically to win in elections. Yes, you heard it right. EVM machines used in recent elections are not 100% secure and can be mis-tuned to cheat in elections.


It is a sad truth that people with bad intentions can misuse this vulnerability for their benefit to cheat with vote count in any election. You can see the demo of the vulnerability in the video. After the result of recent elections, BJP won in most of the states except very few. All the other political parties have got some proof of cheating done in the last election and registered a legal complaint in the court.

Mr. Hari Prasad was arrested by police for exposing the issue in EVM machines. Now, the two major questions are: 1) Can someone change your valuable to gain the votes of a political party in elections? 2) Is this kind of fraud possible? To get answers with proof, have a look at the attached video for more details.

Watch Video:-


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