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Aaj Tak Channel Showed Thier Real Face After Modi UP Victory

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Viral Video: Ghar Wapsi – Rajdeep Sardesai Praising Modi with Anjana Om Kashyap.

The video of Aaj Tak channel distributing sweets on winning of BJP is going viral. It is being watched by thousands of people and everyone is saying that Aaj Tak News Channel is not neutral and they are in support of BJP.

In this video, A news reporter from Aaj Tak is giving sweets to Rajdeep Sardesai on winning of BJP in recent elections. Rajdeep is happily eating it and praising Modi and BJP for their winning. People present in the studio are calling it Ghar wapsi of Rajdeep. Radeep also told the reporter that, Some time ago, He said in a conference that BJP will win in the elections.

Then,  Anjana Om Kashyap joins Rajdeep for the discussion. Rajdeep is praising Modi for being effective, communicative and winning in the recent election. It is very clear from the video that Aaj Tak is bias and it is supporting BJP.

For more details and for in-depth coverage, watch the video.

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