This Girl RIPS Apart Zee News and Thier Fake news propaganda

Fake news spread by Zee News about Rs. 2000 note. Few days ago; Zee News was exposed for giving fake news about the new Rs. 2000 currency note.

Zee News did a news on their channel about Rs. 2000 note having micro Nano GPS chip which makes easy for government to track exact location of currency notes.

In their news; they said that the embedded Nano-GPS chips act as a signal reflector and does not require any kind of power source to provide location. The also claimed that the will allow every note to be tracked by government.

The Reserve Bank of India had listed 17 features of the new Rs. 2000 currency notes and in the list of all the features; there was no mention of ‘Nano GPS Chip’. A girl posted a video exposing the Zee News for spearing fake news to Indian citizens.

Watch the video to know in more details about what the girl has to say about the fake news spread by Zee News and to know more about the news as well.

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