People are recognizing that they were cheated by BJP in the recent eletions. The video of exposing BJP for cheating in elections is #1 in trending tab of YouTube.

The need for awareness in people right now is necessary to act against the BJP’s cheating government. Many political leaders like Mayawati challenged the BJP party for a re election using ballot paper but the BJP party stayed mum about it. No BJP leader is speaking a word against the accusations of cheating in elections.


When BJP lost elections in 2004 and 2009, Subramanian Swamy and LK Advani took it to media and complained about their loss because of tampering of EVMs. The concept of free and fair elections is lost in India. People are providing the proof that BJP cheated in elections. An independent candidate who voted himself didn’t even get his vote, he ended up with zero votes. He insisted EC for looking into the issue.


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