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BJP Leader Manoj Tiwari Making Fun of Common People!

BJP ministers are making fun of the difficulties that are faced by people because of the demonetization scheme.

Recently BJP minister Manoj Tiwari was caught red-handed in a video where he makes fun of people standing in the queues in ATM for money. Manoj Tiwari sang a song making fun of people who are standing in the long queues under the sun for just one 2000/- rupee note.


देखिये वीडियो:-

Manoj Tiwari is the chief of BJP in Delhi and he is one of the influential people in the party. There were other people sitting around the table with him and they too joined him. They cheered and clapped when Manoj sang the song. The people who cheered Manoj should be equally punished along with him.

The demonetization is itself a huge failure and more than hundred people died standing in queues for money. All the BJP ministers gave speeches in support to demonetization scheme and yet they laugh at people who are suffering because of it.

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