Bar Dancers Dancing in BJP’s parivartan rally

BJP leaders are taking dirty paths to get attention from people for the coming elections. The Uttar Pradesh BJP party appointed dancers to entertain people who attended their meeting.

Watch How BJP Preparing for Elections:- 


BJP party appointed women to dance in front of many people to entertain them. This incident took place in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. The women who were appointed by Uttar Pradesh BJP party were bar dancers. The harsh reality of Indian government is seen from this act. BJP is the ruling party of India and acts like these are shame to the country. Modi always talks about change, Is this the change we were promised?

Modi kept people busy by starting several campaigns such as Swach Bharat and started looting money from behind. The true nature of BJP party can be seen from this act. BJP is considered as Hinduvata Party and they claim themselves as cultured.

BJP is invloved in many scams after coming into power. With Yoga camps and Swach Bharat missions, Modi carefully diverted the minds of people from concentrating on these scams. Another example that BJP is fake is there is not even more than 5% of investment by foreign companies as promised by Modi and his government.

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