Anjana Om Kashyap is known for abusing, forcing them to answer her questions in her debate show. She uses abusive language on the leaders who attend her debate show.

One of such incidents is abusing Ashish Khetan in live debate program. She asks Ashish a question “Kejriwal said that he is an anarchist, its question of his love for the country.” Ashish quickly replied “Mahatma Gandhi called himself an anarchist.” Even though Ashish spoke wrong, he didn’t do anything than that, but Anjana said “aapki aukaat nahi hai is channel ki dehleez pe khade hone ki”. Using such words against a person in live Television is not acceptable and indecent.

Anjana Om Kashyap is an Indian journalist and news presenter. She is a news anchor of Aaj Tak news channel. She hosts daily debate show Halla Bol and an audience based election debate show Rajtilak and Dilli Ke Kil Me Kya Hai in Aaj Tak news channel.

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