Angry Hindu’s attacked Adityanath’s convoy for killing Farmers in M.P.

Angry people attacked CM Yogi’s convoy. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s convoy was attacked by angry people when he was on his way On 10th June.

CM Yogi Adityanath was going to attend a program of Lucknow University. But then some students showed them black flags. They were the people who were protesting against Yogi Adityanath and they attacked his convoy.

Yogi Adityanath was not having heavy security force at the time when this incident happened. When they attacked Lucknow police failed to stop them. NSG deployed in the security of CM handled the situation.

FIRs have been lodged against students showing black flags and attacking convoy. 11 students have been arrested. 3 students have been charged for violation of peace.

Watch the video embed down below to know more about the news story as well as to know why angry people attacked convoy of CM Yogi Adityanath as what happened after that.

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