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Actor Nana Patekar exposed Modi Government. The news is about the protest being done by farmers in Madhya Pradesh. Farmers torch vehicles during a protest in Phanda near Bhopal on Friday.

The violence in the protest in Madhya Pradesh has led to a large-scale destruction of public property and death of six farmers.

Actor Nana Patekar exposed Modi Government

Actor Nana Patekar is very unhappy about the violence being done in Madhya Pradesh during the protest. He also gave suggestion to Ministers of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra government during his talk to ABP News.

Nana Patekar said that many innocent farmers have died in the firing and this is not a good thing at all. He also added that, the government will claim that Police did not fire in any situation and someone else might have done the firing.

Watch the video embed down below to know more about the news story as well as to know how popular actor Nana Patekar was able to expose Bharatiya Janta Party.

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