Acharya Pramod’s tweet on farmers’ protest

Acharya Pramod’s tweet on farmers’ protest. The news is related to the protest being done by farmers in Madhya Pradesh. The violence in the protest in Madhya Pradesh has led to a large-scale destruction of public property and death of six farmers.

The failure of the Indian government in the implementation of policies has to lead to protest being done by farmers in Madhya Pradesh. Acharya Pramod, who is a known spiritual guru also tweeted on the same matter.


Acharya Pramod's tweet on farmers' protest

Acharya Pramod is famous for working on to spread humanity in the society through spiritual and social activities.

He tweeted that, the government who is firing bullets on farmers. Instead of atoning their sin, they are blaming farmers and saying that the farmers are responsible for whatever has happened. This kind of government is sure to collapse.

BJP government in Madhya Pradesh wants to divert the attention of people from its own failures. Keep visiting our website for more news stories.

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