Viral Video- Watch Jasodaben’s Explosive Interview on Modi

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Narendra Modi had hidden his marriage status for a long time but revealed it after. Modi’s wife name is Jashodaben.

She worked as a Primary school teacher until she retired. She is living her life on the pension she receives. She said that she was married to Narendra Modi at the age of 17 and she stopped her studies for marriage. Shortly after their marriage, Narendra Modi left his wife to practice Sannyasa and he often went to business with his uncle.

Modi did not officially acknowledge this marriage until 2014 during his campaign. Jashodaben continues to identify as the wife of Narendra Modi. She completed her education and had a career as a teacher. Before Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, Indian Express took an interview of Jashodaben about her life.

When asked “Does Narendra Modi ever contacts you? and How do you know about Narendra Modi’s whereabouts?” he says “No, he doesn’t call or contact me in any way. I read News papers and watch News to know about him.” She also said that he doubts that Modi would ever contact her.


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