Sandesh Rishi Ep1 featuring Ravish Kumar

Sandesh Rishi Ep1 featuring Ravish Kumar. Recently, the very first show of Ravish Kumar’s Sandesh Rishi was released on a YouTube channel called WordKraft.

If you don’t know what Sandesh Rishi is then, let us tell you about it first. It is a new YouTube video series started by popular news / media personality. The trailer of Sandesh Rishi was recently uploaded on YouTube as well.Ravish Kumar's launched start-up Sandesh Rishi

In the beginning of the video, Ravish Kumar says that, India used to be an agriculture dominated country. Later he adds that, giving out messages has become business of hundreds of crores.

He adds that, India needs a lot of Sandesh Rishi and he wants thousands of people to join as Sandesh Rishi. So that, they can roam around the country and spread messages.

Watch the first episode of Ravish Kumar’s new series named as Sandesh Rishi. The video of the first episode is embedded down below.

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