Ravish Kumar’s launched start-up Sandesh Rishi

by Geetanjali Singh |
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Ravish Kumar’s launched start-up Sandesh Rishi. Ravish Kumar, who is a very well known personality from News / Media domain. He is best known for presenting a popular TV show called ‘Ravish Ki Report’ on NDTV India news channel.

He has started a stat-up called “Sandesh Rishi”. He calls it a free of cost start-up. The video of Sandesh Rishi was uploaded by a YouTube channel called “WordKraft” featuring Ravish Kumar in the video.Ravish Kumar's launched start-up Sandesh Rishi

The idea of Ravish Kumar behind uploading the video is to introduce the idea of the start-up. In the beginning of the video, Ravish Kumar says that he is worried about people because people stay worried all the time; or not happy about something.

Ravish Kumar thinks that, India lacks in Sandesh Rishi, therefore the country needs a lot of Sandesh Rishi. He also explains the need of Randesh Rishi.

Watch the video of Ravish Kumar talking about his new free of cost star-up named as Sandesh Rishi. Have a look at the video to know about it in more detail

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