Zee News No Longer in Top 5 Hindi Channels, NDTV Tops the Graph

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Zee News is India’s most biased news channel who keep chanting “Modi Modi and BJP BJP” day and night. Many sources say that the channel has got crores of rs from bhartiye Janata party and because they keep showing news of bjp, people have stopped watching that channel.

BARC India recently releases TRP reports of this week (Week 30: Saturday,23rd July 2016 to Friday, 29th July 2016) on their official site and good to know that zee has been thrown out of the list of top 5 news channels.

Here is the list of top news channels.

#1. NDTV — 80653 Weekly Impressions (000s) sum

#2. India TV —  76225 Weekly Impressions (000s) sum

#3.  India News — 51983 Weekly Impressions (000s) sum

#4.  ABP News — 51228 Weekly Impressions (000s) sum

#5.  News Nation — 45695 Weekly Impressions (000s) sum

For information, let me tell you BARC stands for Broadcast Audience research council which collects all the data of news channels.

After public got this news that zee is not more in top 5, people have started to make fun of the channel because they keep telling lies that they are number 1, but reality says something else.

The channel is owned by Subhash Chandra and the editor of that channel is Sudhir Chaudhary who was caught bribing 100 crore rs from Naveen Jindal.

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BJP Leader Caught Fixing Interview With Zee News

BJP Leader Caught Fixing Interview with Zee News. Murali Manohar Joshi a BJP leader got caught while trying to fix his interview with ZEE News. He asks the reporter to delete the entire video because there is a mistake in it. He shouts angrily on the Interviewer to ask the cameraman to stop the recording and remove the “reel”.

Then he continues his argument about the questions that were asked by reporter and suggests that he himself would tell the questions that were to be asked by the Interviewer. The Interviewer mentions that the leader has asked him to ask anything about Modi.

When the Interviewer tries to get out from that place, Murali Manohar tries to cool him down and made him sit for the interview. The interviewer tries to explain that he was asking the question which the general public wants to know.

Zee News' head Subhash threatened Jindal

The leader mentioned that he was never been to a live debate because this, this shows the inability of leader to answer the questions related to serious issues. The leader was comfortably arguing with interviewer without noticing a second camera which was recording this conversation. From this incident we can understand how BJP changes the truth from reality.

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