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JDU MP Sharad Yadav attacked on Indian Media In Lok Sabha

Viral News: Sharad Yadav attacked by his speech in the Lok Sabha on Majithia Wage Board and Indian Media

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In this period, when big leaders have bowed down to the media owners and have given undisclosed exemption to make them arbitrarily, Sharad Yadav favored the media workers in the Rajya Sabha and damaged the media owners who were dishonest.

Sharad Yadav said that healthy debates on many issues are buried within the wall of the house. He also stated that the freedom given to the media had become a freedom for journalists, not for journalists but media owners.

They demanded that the government should make a law in this regard that the press owners should do the same business. Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien said that if the Press is not publishing any news then what can Asana do in it. Yadav stated that a law should be made, according to which media owners should not be allowed to do other business.

Watch the video given below to know in more detail.

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